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Open Adoption Education & Resources


Recommended books on Open Adoption:

  • The Family of Adoption

  • The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption: Helping your Child Grow Up Whole

  • The Open Adoption Experience

  • Making Room in Our Hearts


​Documentaries / Video Clips:

       (Click link or enter:

  • Understanding Open Adoption,” a documentary co-produced by Rhondal McKinney and DAI and filmed/edited by Benjamin Howard-McKinney, features perspectives from adoption professionals and families who are experiencing open adoption.


Online Training :

       -Visit to access this online training. This training has three parts: Exploring Openness in Adoption,                      -Experiencing Openness in Adoption and Living Openness in Adoption (more information below). After you have viewed each part, you are able to take             a quiz to determine how much you learned from this educational experience. 

​       -In addition, as a part of the Openness Training, you have access to the User Guide which provides detailed information, key concepts, terms and                       exercises that will help guide you throughout the training. You may download the User Guide here.

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