Love the Life you Live. 

                                                         Live the Life you Love. 


We believe that you are capable of achieving your goals & we are here to support you on your journey. 

In working together, our hope is that you will be EMPOWERED to create and live a fulfilling, authentic life.

Empowered Life, LLC

Wheat Field

About Us

Empowered Life, LLC is a highly specialized practice focused on providing comprehensive counseling and support services to women and adoptive families. 

Approach to Services

 Empowerment. Compassion-Focused. 
Person-Centered. Feminist Approach. 
Strengths-Based. Child-Centered.
Attachment-Based. Emotion-Focused.
Family-Systems. Collaborative.

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Women Counseling

Get the Most out of your Life

Are you noticing that your needs and time for yourself is constantly being placed on the back burner?

Are you seeking a change in your life and you are not quite sure where to start?

Looking to discover your true self?


We will give you the tools to embrace and love yourself, build confidence and achieve the balanced, fulfilling lifestyle you are seeking. We will work together as you take steps towards your personal goals, gain a sense of belonging, and enjoyment in your life.