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Reproductive Health - Fertility/Infertility Resources


  • RESOLVE - Founded in 1974 by Barbara Eck, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is a 501(c)3, national patient advocacy organization. Ms. Eck founded RESOLVE because she saw a need to bring together other women facing infertility and she began the first RESOLVE support group around her kitchen table. Today RESOLVE provides free support groups in more than 200 communities; is the leading patient advocacy voice; and serves as the go-to organization for anyone challenged in their family building.

  • Office on Women's Health – The Office on Women's Health is to provide national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education, and innovative programs.

  • American Pregnancy Association – The American Pregnancy Association is a national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness.

Recommended Reading

  • "What to Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant: The Complete Guide to All the Technologies for Couples Facing Fertility Problems"

  • “Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the Mind-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life"

  • “Conquering Infertility: Dr. Domar’s Mind Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility”

  • “Self-Nurture: Learning to Care for Yourself As Effectively As You Care for Everyone Else"

  • "Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility"

  • "Laughing IS Conceivable"

  • "Navigating the Land of If: Understanding Infertility and Exploring Your Options"

  • "Managing The Stress Of Infertility: How To Balance Your Emotions, Get The Support You Need, And Deal With Painful Social Situations When You're Trying To Become Pregnant"

  • "On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility"

  • "The Infertility Journey: Real voices. Real issues. Real insights"

  • "What to Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant: The Complete Guide to All the Technologies for Couples Facing Fertility Problems"

  • "Living with PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome" 

  • "PCOS and Your Fertility"

  • "PCOS: A Woman’s Guide to Dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome"

  • "What To Do When the Doctor Says It’s PCOS"

  • "Positive Options for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): Self-Help and Treatment (Positive Options for Health)"

  • "Ultimate PCOS Handbook: Lose Weight, Boost Fertility, Clear Skin and Restore Self-Esteem"

  • "The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health"

  • "Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation"

  • Bibliography for children and parents of assisted reproduction

Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agencies, Attorneys, & Other Professionals

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