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"And So, She Decided to Start Living the Life She's Imagined."

Counseling & Coaching services are an opportunity for you to grow by exploring your thoughts and feelings and trying new things in a supportive and safe environment. You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and experiences. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you and to schedule your first session!


Counseling Services

Reaching out for support shows courage, strength, as well as your ability for personal growth and empowerment (even if it doesn't feel like that in this moment!). At times we can all "lose" ourselves and become consumed by the stress, hurt, and pain that we experience throughout life. This distress can cause us to feel disconnected from our self and the life we are living.


In our work together, I will guide and empower you to reconnect with your most authentic self, rediscover your inner strength, to live with intent, and to listen to the wisdom you have within. I am here to support you as you navigate your personal journey, embrace your true self, build meaningful relationships, and define your happiness.

Areas of Expertise

Empowerment & Emotional Support Services

As women, we can face an unplanned pregnancy that may cause us to feel alone, overwhelmed, and unsure of what options are available to us.  I will empower and support you to learn about your reproductive rights, discuss & understand your options (abortion, parenting, adoption) in order to make a choice that is right for you , assist you in navigating your emotional experience and planning for your future.


I specialize in advocacy and support to women who decide to make an adoption plan and am able to offer services throughout your adoption journey. I am able to guide you as you communicate with adoptive families to ensure they share your values, make your desired plan for your hospital stay and adoptive placement of your child, assist you in building a relationship with the adoptive family you choose, plan for ongoing open, honest and caring connections in the years to come and prepare & support you in the emotional experiences of adoption.  

Self-Love, Self-Esteem,
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